The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Personal Comparison


In class this week, we read about Robert Frost and his poems. I chose to do my blog about his poem “The Road Not Taken”. In this particular poem, Frost writes about a traveler who must choose which path he shall take. The traveler is aware that he may only pick one pathway and chooses to take the less traveled path.

I can relate to the narrator in Frost’s poem because I have had to make similar decisions in my life time. Recently, I was faced with the choice to pursue my dreams in an out-of-state school or change my career path. If I chose to change my career path, I would be able to stay in Alabama with my family and friends. However, if I chose to pursue my dreams of becoming a Dental Hygienist, I would be forced to leave and potentially face several thousands of dollars of debt. Just like the traveler, I had a very tough decision to make.

Though both of the pathways I have been presented with are equivalent, one must decide which road they will take. After heavily weighing both options, I chose leave Alabama in chase of my dreams. In the fall of 2013, I will be full-time student of Eastern Tennessee State University in hopes of graduating with a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.

The poem taught me that one must make decisions, even if, they do not fully know the outcome. Every decision that one makes in their lifetime will have a different outcome and will “[make] all the difference” influencing their life. I believe Frost wrote this particular poem to teach readers that one must make decisions even if they do not know what the outcome will be. If people choose to sit at the “forks” in their lifetimes, one will never get anywhere because of their lack of decision making. In my eyes, the poem suggests that when one is faced with two options, most people choose the easier route, but in the future, will one regret not taking the harder pathway? Then, there is the dilemma of what if one would could not complete the harder road, what would you do then? At this time, this is what I face and hope I chose the correct pathway similar to the narrator.

Above is a humorous video that shows viewers examples of decision making whether or not it be good choices or bad.



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